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[Verse 1]
Tell me how can I keep my brother
When this Califorinacation got ’em locked up in a cage for many days
We would ride through the streets they love it
Difference is my mamma prayed and I can’t say the same for everybody
Smoking cigarettes and weed tryna catch a body
Cases don’t change but this life it needs defining
I’m reminded every time I take a look into my past
That gangsters don’t change but they also don’t last
RIP to Stephan Adam boy
Carlos Gardel rusty cell that was a valley boy
Different corners but the action was the same thing
Laughed at the same jokes shared the same pain, and to remain sane
We had a ride or die chick, us against the world
On Bonnie and Clyde’s tip, westsiding
You know ball till we fall it’s my west coast
Blues and it’s hard to resolve, my God

For life, if I
Catch another case then the
Judge gon’ give me life, I know
I ain’t livin’ right tell me
What should I do, I’m just
Tryna ride true, this my
West side blues, my blues

[Verse 2]
God tell me how I’m rocking all these stages
And the homie just was issued arraignment
On his way to county staring out the window feeling
Numb to his happiness I guess that’s window pain huh
Meantime I’m shaking hands in different places
Taking pictures with a bunch of different faces
Feeling blessed cause I know my mamma thankful
To see her son doing what he love with no more cases
If I could liberate every trapped inside mind with my
Trapped inside rhymes I would give my whole life
Just to see a brighter day in sunny southern California
Where them bullets is the rain every week a funeral
It’s usual to pour a lil’ liquor, then addiction’s
Got me tryna paint a bigger picture, let a gangster know that
Changing ain’t impossible, if you defined
A design in every obstacle, this is my westside blues


Oh I’m a westside rider
Tell me why I feel so alone
We want days to get brighter
I want heaven to be my home

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