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It’s not always easy to know whether the things that happen to us are because of something God is working in our lives or because we are experiencing the consequences of some choice we made. Make no mistake; God has a specific destiny for your life and He won’t take you to it until you are ready. The question often is, “Did this bad thing just happen to me because I messed up or because God’s toughening me up for something?”

The Path Toward Your Destiny - EnFellowship Magazine
There are some signs you can watch for to give you an indication that God has you on a detour. One way you can tell is if you are suffering or being persecuted for righteousness’ sake. Joseph served the house of Potiphar, who was the captain of Pharaoh’s guard. By all accounts, he was a model servant and did everything he was told. In fact, Potiphar’s wife took notice of him and wanted him for herself. But Joseph flatly refused her advances, which made her angry. So, when her husband got home, she lied and told Potiphar that his servant tried to rape her. Next thing you know, Joseph’s in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. But none of that was an accident nor had God turned his back on him. Joseph’s time in prison proved to be part of a larger plan to get him into the inner court of Pharaoh. His punishment for doing what was right led to becoming the prince over all Egypt.

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God Transforms you - EnFellowship MagazineAnother way you can know if God has you on a detour is by paying attention to the kinds of people He is putting in your life. In other words, during your detour, as you are struggling to get back on the path toward your destiny, God has a way of putting others in your life who are going through the same or similar struggles. He does this so that you can minister to them and encourage them in a meaningful way, as one who knows what they are going through. Your maturity grows and God transforms you into a better you!


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