The biggest loser is not just a television show anymore, it’s a phenomenon. It’s not just seen in the US, there are “Biggest Loser” versions for many countries. With the new year right around the corner (and with it resolutions) why not contact Human Resources at work about starting your own biggest loser at work? Start one at your church, or challenge other family members.

It’s suggested to put together an excel spreadsheet (to do all the math), and a word document to help you organize the weight loss efforts at your job, church, or family.

Here are some rules you can mix and match to come up with your own version.

Universal Rules


1. Everyone that was doing this had a rule that people need to weigh in on the same scale at the same time. This keeps things consistent (and honest).

2. You go by the percent of body weight loss. The calculation is the take your actual weight (today) and subtract it form your initial weight. Then divide that number by your initial (starting) weight. Take that number and multiply it by 100 and you get your weight loss percentage.

((IW-AW)/IW) * 100= weight loss percentage

So if I start at 211, and I lose 5 lbs in a month and end up at 206.
That’s 211-206 (5 lbs.)
Take 5 lbs.  and divide it by my starting weight (211).  5/211 = .023697
Multiply that by 100 and you get 2.37%

Mix and Match the following “rules” to make your best competition

1. “HAVE FUN”, Eat healthy, and exercise. 2. The first weigh in will be on (PICK A DAY) at (PICK A TIME)

3. The final weigh in will be on (PICK A DAY) at (Pick a Time – 15 WEEKS – or choose length)

4. Weigh-in’s will occur every (PICK A DAY) at PICK A TIME. Choose one person to manage the money and be present at all weigh ins.

5. There is a one time $(PICK AN AMOUNT) registration fee which “MUST” be paid during your first weigh in.

6. You can Join at any time during the first three weeks (but the longer you wait the harder it will be to win)

7. All monies owing to the pot should be paid during the time of weigh in or prior to the following weigh in.(So if you have a bad week, be prepared break out the spare change)

8. There will be a $1 weigh in fee per week applied to all contestants.

9. There will be a penalty fee of $1 applied if your weight stays the same.

10. There will be a penalty fee of $1 if you miss weighing in. This dollar will be combined with the weekly weigh in fee of $1, for a total of $2 dollars each time you miss a weigh in.

11. There will be a penalty fee of $1 added for each pound gained. (i.e. Gain 3 pounds, you owe $3)

13. You can have one person win all the money, or divide between the top 3 players, donate the money to a food bank, whatever. Money can be a nice motivator.

Here are some tips for keeping people involved:

Teams can add accountability. The first big rule of creating an office Biggest Loser competition is to create teams. Having a team to be accountable to is very important. If your workplace is like most, snacks and leftovers find their way to a central location where people can munch all day long. Having team members, as well as opposing team members, watching, really keeps your mindless munching at bay. If you are in the competition only for yourself, you will be much more likely to indulge. Being accountable to other people can really help people stay on track.

Make the weigh-in public knowledge.  You don’t have to post actual weights here, however, whether or not contestants went up or down in weight each week (and how much) should be displayed publicly in the office. This provides yet another aspect of accountability and motivation. Now you are not only accountable to the people participating in The Biggest Loser, but also your coworkers who are not. A chart should be created to track the weekly progress of each team member, with team totals appearing as well. Having the entire office in on the action, not just those participating in the actual weight loss, adds volumes to individual motivation.

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