Go BeyondIn nearly every individual or group we’ve worked with, there have been some reluctant travelers.  If that’s you, I want to offer some personal words of encouragement.  First, I can certainly understand why you might be hesitant.  We were reluctant to change some habits and beliefs also.  But as I reflect too our first year in becoming a Christian, I sure wish I would have known then, what you’re about to learn.  During the first year and after many participants, now Christians, asked “Why don’t they teach us this stuff in high school and college?  It sure would have helped!”  Even some of the reluctant travelers have later said, “Every person and Christian can benefit from attending, participating, & volunteering in this journey.

We can’t promise that you’ll feel this way during or after a year.  But I can promise that if you do only the bare minimum or worse yet, stop, you’ll never know if this journey could have helped you improve the lives you encounter, counsel, mentor and/or shepherd including your life.

Go Beyond02So, our goal is to urge you to give DJ-Joyful Ministry an opportunity to help you help others.  Maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t need this success stuff.  Just give me the information I need to get a job or build my church or business.”  If this is true you’re going to be pleased to discover that the skills you’ll learn on this journey are highly prized in discipleship and the work world.  In fact many organizations and companies pay corporate trainers large fees to teach these same skills to their staff and employees.  Think of the advantage you’ll have when you bring these skills with you to the job, church, family and it becomes a lifestyle.

Or maybe you’re thinking, “I already know how to be successful.  This is just a waste of my time.”  We thought this too, at one time.  But after accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we opened our mind’s and heart’s to learning the skills you’ll discover, the quality of our spiritual, professional and personal lives improved dramatically.  We’ve also taught these skills to successful educators, perhaps even your own instructor, and many of them have had the same thoughts we did.  You see there is success and there is Biblical SUCCESS and Biblical success is a narrow path of consistent and successful choices without ceasing!

Disciple SeedingSo, We hope you’ll give this journey your best effort.  It may be the only one you’ll ever take where the journey is all about YOU.  And believe us, if you don’t master the content of this journey, somewhere, every journey you take in the University of Life, will not be sufficient.  We pray you will have a great journey.


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The Making of a Trailblazer – Overcome Your Pain, Ignite Your Path, Embrace Your Purpose


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