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I Got The Juice – Lyrics


[Intro: John Givez]
Juice box
Junkie juice box

[Verse 1: John Givez]
Mother lover you gon’ love this
Graduated from a rebel to a rebelutionary
In my area they love this
I’mma wreck it, like, I’m revving the engine
Heaven’s ascension
Every dimension
Give me attention
Look at my soul
Look at my heart
Look at my hope
Got the world on my back, but, I carry it, though
Tell them God got my hand – I ain’t letting it go
I, I, I came from the side of the ocean
(Ahh ooh)
Swam with the best of them
I can’t deny I was chosen
(Ahh ooh)
Yeah, it’s the miggity mack
Milking the mic
I don’t think I’m giving it back
Livin’ unlimited
Winning is an imminent fact
I mastered this
Ain’t no coming after this
Resurrected from the dead, like, Lazarus

[Chorus: Beleaf]
I just gotta go off on it
I just know to put the sauce on it
I don’t care about the cost on it
I just gotta get lost on it
I’m just trying to break loose
I’m about to light the fuse
I just need me a cup
Imma pour me the juice

I got the juice now
I got the juice now
I got the juice now
I got the juice (x2)

[Verse 2: Ruslan]
Ladies and gentlemen I welcome in
Let me take a moment
Introduce you to some better men
I’m bettering like Letterman
But still next way
Never see me off air
Cause you know my best days are ahead of me
The editing and pedigree is all I want
Rip every single head off but it’s all in fun
The competition don’t exist
We don’t follow them
They follow us
Hoping to get a glance of a better me
See I got the juice and I got the crackers
I got the wine but they got it backwards
Whoever thought that religion could be this good
But then turned all of us rappers to pastors
Communion to union
If dopeness is plastered all over the wall and they ain’t even ask us
My God is the Father
You know He came after
The gangsters the orphans and all of us bastards
Adopted and now some options
Have been presented to me
I’m like an automatic
Weapon on a mercenary
They just want to see the blood
They don’t want to see the heavy
Heart attached to it, aww
Even though I’m good and ready
Able to deliver whatever the
Situation is calling for
I am capable of more than playing roles
Awkward, then it’s our turn
To do the opposite
Now its very obvious
Who can hold they own


[Verse 3: Beleaf]
Pick em out, pick em off, pick em up
Tell em pick a team, sucker I got the juice
Tell em pick a scene
High IQ kinda like Raheem
Used to show up to class like “Where the Visine?”
You should do the right thing
Kinda like my team
Made bad moves
On some really high dreams
Walking through the tunnel
Then we throw some hype dreams
Everybody want to nibble it
But then you biting
Now the boy that started killing it
And everybody feeling it
Everybody want a little bit of lightning
Boy I got the jug if you want the pew
He makes it rain boy, you want to shoot?
Didn’t see why at first, I might take it now
Step out my bathroom, had to take a bow
I got the juice, I give the goosebumps
I am the proof, I got the power

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