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Chapter 1 Cora prays for you - EnFellowship Magazine

Chapter 1 Cora prays for you – Faithing it

I pray that God gives you the grace to endure the pain of the process. I pray that God open your eyes to see the people who are for you and the people who are not. I pray that God allows you to embrace this in a new way where you understand that your storms have been meant to make you grow stronger. I pray that God ignites the purpose and gifting inside of you, that you might be able to go after your purpose with everything that you have. I pray that faith is your encourager, that faith is your pusher, that faith is your strength, and that you begin to become faithier. I pray that you take on this challenge to become better than who you are, that you do not look behind you, and that you do not let the enemy keep you bound in the past, but that you challenge yourself to be even better than who you think you are supposed to be. I pray that you give God the ability to do great things in you. I pray you to get something out of this journey, and that you understand that I am here for you, I am faithing with you, and, trust me, we are going to win and I pray you to know that.

This chapter is designed to affirm and show you that it is in your ability to understand that just because you are being processed in pain, it doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get to the promise. So often we don’t take advantage of the lessons that could be learned if we would permit ourselves to walk through the process of life and let God lead us. Many times we will allow ourselves to be so consumed by our suffering in the process that we do not seek or hear the answers to our problems in the Word of God. Is it easy to get through the process? No! As I said, it is extremely hard to get through it, but when you are getting through it with God,
it is much easier than trying to accomplish it on your own. What do you require of yourself in this process? How do you allow God to be shown in your storms? Why is it so easy for you to give up on God? Why is it so easy for you to give up on yourself? These questions are a part of examining yourself in this process. If you are unwilling to learn the foundations of your surroundings, you will never be able to explain why you crumbled. If you won’t face the enemy of yourself, you can never see what God is trying to do for your life in the pitfalls. You were born to be greater than what you are going through, but as long as you let the villains in your life destroy you then you will never get there.

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