Now everything as a service is shifting perspectives while it robs the self-help, the self sufficient and the backbone of individuals who are able to live of the land, Indian style, Pilgrim style. I remember my grandfather and others living when you could burn your own trash, dig your own well, plant your own vegetables and flowers in any part of your property you wanted. You could slaughter your animals for food and sell/trade. All this was considered a God given right and not against the law or needing a permit/license. Now only corporations, considered now to be a person, have more rights than I/we have.

Well Water

I’ve been told that you can’t get a license to drill a well if you’re within the city limits. That would mess up the City’s monopoly on water, so I’m a little hesitant about drilling/digging without proper authorization, but at this point I’m fed up and considering bending the rules a bit.

Have any of you folks tried digging your own water well, and if so how did it go? Which kind of equipment did you use? Have you heard of anyone getting in trouble for having an undocumented well?

Homeowners Associations

The Horror of Homeowners' Associations - EnFellowship Magazine
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A North Carolina man in a dispute with his homeowners association (HOA) because he planted some pansies in a community common area. He felt the flowers would spruce up the park, which he viewed as unsightly and unkempt. For committing his act of botanical goodwill, the HOA fined him. Then, when he refused to pay, the HOA placed a lien on his house. In the interest of avoiding foreclosure, he paid the fine—but he has sued the HOA for $800,000 for abuse of process and other things. He’s also founded a statewide coalition to help other homeowners in his state fight back against their HOAs.

Now don’t think this man’s HOA “couldn’t possibly” take his house just because he didn’t pay their fines, because they totally could: “Before now, associations rarely, if ever, foreclosed on homeowners,” reports AP. “But today, encouraged by a new industry of lawyers and consultants, boards are increasingly foreclosing on people 60 days past due on association fees.”


A barge named the Mobro 4000 wandered thousands of miles trying to unload its cargo of Long Islanders’ trash, and its journey had a strange effect on America. The citizens of the richest society in the history of the planet suddenly became obsessed with personally handling their own waste. Believing that there was no more room in landfills, Americans concluded that recycling was their only option. Their intentions were good and their conclusions seemed plausible. Recycling does sometimes makes sense, for some materials in some places at some times. But the simplest and cheapest option is usually to bury garbage in an environmentally safe landfill. And since there’s no shortage of landfill space, the crisis of 1987 was a false alarm. There’s no reason to make recycling a legal or moral imperative. Mandatory recycling programs aren’t good for posterity. They offer mainly short-term benefits to a few groups; politicians, public relations consultants, environmental organizations, waste-handling corporations — while diverting money from genuine social and environmental problems. Recycling may be the most wasteful activity in modern America: a waste of time and money, a waste of human and natural resources.  I blame journalists, newspaper and magazine publishers, whose products are a major component of municipal landfills, who nobly led the crusade against trash. It’s the first time that an industry has conducted a mass-media campaign informing customers that its own product is a menace to society.

But the press isn’t solely responsible for recycling fervor. Americans have embraced recycling as a transcendental experience, an act of moral redemption. We’re not just reusing our garbage; we’re performing a rite of atonement for the sin of excess.

As you have seen or will see in this video and/or life of what’s here with more to come as your God given rights are/have shifted to “everything is now a service and corporations now having your rights.”

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