[Verse 1]
Dear Hip-hop, It’s me your foster child
I’m writing this cuz I feel we should sit and talk awhile
It may sound like I’m crazy, but i feel like your baby
Spend more time with ya’ then my own folks so it’s just like you raised me
You taught me to walk, said I should have swag
Taught me how to dress, that’s why I let my pants sag
You taught me how to be a man like i ain’t have a dad
You taught me how to talk, that’s why my grammars bad
You taught me self-defense, a little rule of thumb, you never wanna fight son, use a gun
See when you use a gun you don’t have to respect them, u can talk to them how you want then pull out and check em’
You told me women ain’t ish but hoes and tricks
And never to love them just cut em’ move on and dip
You never told me what to do if I slipped and had a kid
All I remember is move on and dip
And make it rain when she get on the pole and strip
But if she respectable then why ain’t she suppose to trick(?)
And if i see my brother get done wrong and just turn your back and let it happen but don’t you snitch
You had me thinking heart and real were the same thing, like you real if you have the heart to kill and gang bang
You never told me if I take his life, his pain is for a second but it’s forever present in his baby’s life
You carried the spirit of banging across the nation, and they embraced it because you put it in song formation
You taught me I don’t need school I can rap, and while waiting for my music to move I can trap
I used to wanna be one, you told me to hate the cops
Now they can only beat and mistreat us cuz we ain’t the cops
I thought you had my best interest, maybe not
So I’m writing this letter to tell you thanks a-lot
Dear Hip-Hop (x4)

[Verse 2]
Dear hip-hop, I met my real father
He said he loved me and he missed me and I’m not forgotten
He left me tons of messages but i must not of got em, I guess you must of lost them, but anyway i found them
When I was just a youngin you told me daddy left
I ran and checked and it says he’s always been at that address
He said is was me who left him, he just respected my choice
You showed me candy and toys and I was just a boy
He told me wait for sex, but we ain’t wanna wait
Now it’s abortions and broken homes plus a bunch of aids
He told me to love my women, protect and provide, you told me if I love her only do it for a night
He said if i really loved her than wife her and go in for life like a lifer, man up and make sure your family tight
I’ll never with-hold good from you but its got to be right, if it ain’t you might have to wait till after this life
He said to speak up when you see injustice, its thinking you weak when you speak on evil and whats the streets becoming
He told our children are innocent, you teach them a sexual dance we re-tape it then post it up on the internet
He told me love my brother, almost like what you said but you said if he looked at me wrong I can bust his head
He said His Son is over everything, You either serve God or money, You told me money over everything!
He said its never to late to come and join the family, he said they all been waiting for me they rejoiced to have me
And that’s the point of this letter, I wrote it so you know as sure as you know it, I decided i’m going home


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