March 20th & 21st, 2015 at a church retreat for men.  A few men including myself agreed on a perspective of cooking. I always thought of myself as a good cook until I had that conversation. Oh, I can cook a dish or two, and I can flip meat on the grill, but I’m not much of a cook. One of my problems is I never learned to follow a recipe only. When my mom cooked, she could not tell me the measurements of ingredients  because she was not taught to cook by measurements.  For me, I believe it’s an honor and duty to add at least one or more new or different ingredients to dishes mom taught me. I mean what difference does it really make if I use that much and a half instead of that much? And if that much of  walnuts is good, wouldn’t that much and a half be better?


The recipe thing is the least of my problems. When I go through the cabinets to find an ingredient, I’ll think how about some ground peppermint candy? “Hey, that would go good with this dish, wouldn’t it?” That one discovery begins a domino effect in my mind. “I wonder if jalapeno juice would work with the desert dish? Hmm, what’s Cumin? How would it taste? Cinnamon? Cinnamon goes with everything, right? Don’t we still have some watermelon in the fridge?” You see my point, don’t you? Maybe I’ll join or start a group for Ingredients Anonymous, because I know I’ve got to stop myself, but I can’t. You’d think that after several spoiled meals I’d learn, but I haven’t. Some things just don’t go with other things. And that’s OK.


We can’t stand around a campfire, hold hands and sing Kum Ba Ya with every religion in the world. Our goal is not to get all world religions to agree with one another, it is to follow our beliefs and proclaim our Savior to the world. If that doesn’t jell with political correctness, so be it, some things just can’t be  combined. You know, like ground peppermint covered watermelon with just a dash of cyan pepper. Even I have to admit, that was a  mistake.



Fresh Start Devotionals

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